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He spends the day hunting along the branch of the Elrendar that describes the border between the still-living woods and the Ghostlands.

Most of the beasts there are wary of the stench of undeath, though they've grown to associate it with the clatter of exposed bone or the gibbering of uncautious ghouls; a careful hunter, patient and silent, has little reason to be concerned about spooking his prey untimely. The little sun-dappled deer that browse the living banks of the river are flighty and swift as a bowshot arrow and even that makes them no match for a disciple of the unholy. He is mindful of who he intends to feed, as he catches one and then another of the tiny beasts and snaps their necks with his bare hands; tantalizing as their small deaths are he can't simply rip them open with tooth and nail in a fit of bloodthirst, and bring back the scraps for later.

No; once he's made his own paltry meal of the blood and offal, he does a rough job of peeling the hides off his catch and severing them apart joint by joint. The best of it he picks to bring home for Meridas, the choice rooted in instinct older even than the pregnant quel'dorei it's made for: 'pick me, love me, keep me; I can feed you'.

The less-desirable cuts--still good enough to serve a noble at table, he thinks; the woods out here are still wild enough that the venison's got a certain taste to it--he rolls up in one of the hides, noisome and dripping with blood, and carries to Suncrown Village.

Nerubians have as much a taste for raw meat as any predator, and he's careful to leave his gift of meat and bone right on Mephest's doorstep to avoid it being poached. With it are the other fruits of a day's gathering, some of them literal: fresh herbs, cress and wood sorrel, button mushrooms, wild apples and pears still a little green. He'd even thought to include a bag of salt, though not with any consideration for the fact the young paladin might not be able to cook.

Not that a little raw food ever hurt anyone.


To: J. Mornherald
From: L. Plagueheart

[Several field anemones compliment pressed bloodspore and cinquefoil, as well as a sheaf of quillvine. A scrap of fresh rabbit fur, a dragonhawk feather, a polished pebble, and a handful of worn skeletal fingerbones accompany the flowers.]


am v. sorry haven't written

things have been di bad fucking terrible


wish I had tm time to visit but i am not sure how safe so

i shldnt

but i am with Bloodflame so write back as much as you like & i will mk make ask him to read it


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i Don't know that i shld be writing this down but hes gone now &

there's some things I can't talk to Krenyn about & some things I shldn't talk to Meri Mero Meri FUCK IT Merosiel about & if he didnt tell khaavren & Ori about ti i shldnt be the oen one to tell them again he's gone

& besides i dont think i can put up with Khaavren being hateful

not that it's not his right

no fuck dont write about that, stupid larkspur

what i should be writing is that kae is gone


I dont' know if he will be back at all or back alive

if he does come back because he's gone to the scryers now saying that they used to be Sunfury once as if that means they'd be safer than throwing hm himself on the socalled fucking mercy ha ha of the fucking conclave in Silvermoon & really if he thought about it he'd realize that the scryers hate us MORE for not going with them because it means now they have to kill us over the prince's madness & one stupid fucking decision is all thats between old friends and family and lovers and shieldmates

& i asked

if He was going out there to die & he said no of course not that's why he'd been running in the first place

& then i cried on him b/c i'm a stupid fucking failure of a knight & a friend & a sunfury & a traitor & a man

but he wasnt afraid anymore & he wasn't running & he wasnt even Kae anymore he was Al'arien

& that is why I don't know if he will come back because Al'arien has nothing to lose

. ... .. . .. . .. .. . .. . ............ . . . . . . .. .. . .. .. .. .. . . .... .. &

noone will see this while im still around

which is why its okay to be writing all of this with Real Names

so while i'm doing that I want to set the record straight on smthg

b/c if He dies out there & i die before i tell anyone this someone needs to know even if no one really cares what i think

i APOLOGIZED for everything i called him to his face BUT i said a lot of things behind his back because i am a bad friend & knight & everything

& stupid

& Jiel asked me once why if Kae was such a bad person why we didnt just kill him

never mind we don't go around killing people just for saying stupid shit to other people and making them want to die though maybe the world would be a better place if we did

& & i didnt

look i didn't say wat what i meant right because Jiel still doesnt understand but what

i meant

to explain is that whats bad in kae is what is bad in all men & few of them choose to restrain

and what is good in kae is what is good in all men & few of them choose to display

& he gave me back a part of myself the LIVING me that would have been gone forever & i'm not the only one he helped that way even if he was just being selfish or pretended he was to get by like most of us do

& now he made the choice to be more than his fear which almost NO ONE ever does


I'm afraid

i dared him

to his death & he's out there alone

and going to die the way i did

for the people he loves

& if there were only one wish i could have now it would be to take back every time i called him a selfish fuck because i was angry.

. . .


walk in the Light, Al'arien Dawnstrike. wherever you are.

& come home. I love you & i'm not the only one.


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