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I keep forgetting to make this post.

ANYWAY. Floriography. Azeroth plants. LET'S DO IT

Edit: 10/10/10 -- making this sticky so I can find it. Also adding a link to the thread I had going on so I can find said thread and update this from the contents of that.
2/10/17 -- really making this sticky, updating the above link to the archive, and adding the archive link for the LoF site that I usually use for Earth plants: In the Garden.

* Pull over full list from archived thread
* Add flowers in thread replies there not originally included in the top-level list
* Add herbalism plants for Cataclysm – Legion
* Add quest & food plants
* Get meanings(!!!)
* Create table to index meanings for multiple races/groups

Includes not only all the harvestable herbs, but also random quest plants that I remember. hurr hurr! )

So post a comment with an herb/plant and its proposed meaning. WE CAN BE SUPERDORKS
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So I've been musing for a while, as the player of a cannibalistic character, about the ramifications of "cannibalism" and its definition in WoW. Strictly defined in zoology, cannibalism is the consumption of another member of one's own biological species; eating a member of a related species is, however noxious it might look to a human, simple predation. Albeit Wikipedia itself seems to get confused on this point and labels humans eating Neandertals cannibalism, which leads into how the World of Warcraft views cannibalism--at least the way it's applied to our very most favorite cannibals, the trolls--which is "it's a form of (exo)cannibalism any time one humanoid eats another" or possibly "any time one sapient eats another".

Which, given the very broad list of things you can get meat from, cook, and eat in WoW, leads to some really Unfortunate Implications, given there's recipes for:

- murlocs
- mammoths
- raptors
- Northrend worgs (which may also be worgen, who happen to be derived from human stock)
- dragons
- (sort of) yetis
- (sort of) moonkin

All of which are sapient enough to have their own language and, at one point or another, talk to the player. (Granted the one worg who does so, Ulfang, does so through druidic intervention so there may be a little bit of fiddliness in play there--however there's also the Sons of Hodir's Worg Den Mother to think about, who makes it pretty clear she's on the same mental level as the player.) Trolls at least are open about the fact they're eating people!

And let's not even get started on the fact you can skin and wear (again) dragons, (again) murlocs, (again) yetis, worgen, (again) Northrend worgs...

On second thought, Azeroth is a very scary place. Let's not go there.


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