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Since watching the trailer for 9 has me on a huge CoCa kick, I decided I'd make a post with the music I've been listening to while doing stuff for Larkspur. :B

'The Hound (Of Blood and Rank)' - Coheed and Cambria )

'Ghost Love Score' - Nightwish
'Romanticide' - Nightwish
'Animal I Have Become' - Three Days Grace
'Wild' - Poe
'Glittering Cloud (The Plague of Locusts)' - Imogen Heap

Aaaand since I need to run out the door, I'll update this with the lyrics for the others later. ♥

Edit: Let's make this interactive! :D Post what music YOU listen to while playing your character in game or the DR, or writing/drawing/whatever them.

Editx2: BONUS POETRY that is being left ambiguous (oo, ambiguity!) as to why it applies.
I Trust You - Rumi )
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Name: Larkspur Dawnherald, of "the" Dawnheralds of Silvermoon City
Race: (dead) blood elf
Class: Death knight
Birthplace: Dawnherald Estate, Quel'Thalas

Personality: Apathetic, selfish, crude, and disinterested. Lark simply can't be bothered to care about anything beyond his own interests at the moment, and those interests generally revolve around sating the desire to feel "alive" despite the withering of his senses that death has brought on. He's basically burned out on caring about or devoting himself to anything, after having been betrayed (and betraying by turn) so many people in a short span of his life.

History: Blood elves and other worthies of the Horde who keep up on Silvermoon politics would recognize Larkspur as a traitor to the city, executed a year ago for aiding Kael'thas's forces in the abduction of M'uru. His "burial" amounted to being thrown to the Scourge.

Description: Once the "ideal" of what a well-bred young sin'dorei should look like, Larkspur has made for a handsome corpse. Albeit one marred by the coagulation of blood in his appendages and trunk--it leaves him looking permanently bruised--and the unhealthy blue-gray pallor to his skin. The cause of his death is clear even at a casual glance, should he have a helmet off; he has extensive ligature marks around his throat, and there's an odd sort of lump at the back of his neck where someone pushed the broken vertebrae back together.

[OOC: There's more to this, which I will update it w
ith once my keyboard stops being terrible.]

Also, have a picture. )


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