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I was gonna post this on WoWhead but realized there's three days of prepatch left and people are gonna be doing the encounter just fine at 110 due to scaling.


LARKSPUR'S DUMB HUMBLEBRAG GUIDE TO DOING A HARD THING: Soloing The Spirit Kings (10H) as Unholy at level 100.

I don't know if people are trying to solo this on 10H post-ability prune, or if I'm one of the few dumb enough to try it, but I just managed it on an ilvl 717 UH DK.

Relevant talents: Epidemic, Asphyxiate, Corpse Shield, Dark Arbiter
Gear: Thorasus, Purified Shard of the Third Moon
Macro: /tar Pinning Arrow
Addon: Any raid timer.

The trick of the fight is surviving Qiang and Subetai to get to Zian and Meng, who are dessert.

To start the fight: Stand by Subetai.  Prepull preparation is to generate as much RP as possible--drop D&D, spam off your charges of Epidemic, then summon your ghouls. Pull Qiang. Pop the Purified Shard, Dark Transformation, your ring, and Dark Arbiter, and proceed to unload for the next fifteen seconds (weave in a DS or two in place of DC so you get some benefit back from being hit by Massive Attack). If you get the timing right, Subetai will spawn as your ring wears off and eat the damage, which kills Qiang.

Subetai is all about avoiding Sleight of Hand and Pillage. On Sleight, stun him with Asphyxiate as soon as he's finished casting and continue DPS. His CD for it is slightly shorter than the Asphyxiate CD, so keep that in mind. When you see his timer for Pillage coming up, pop Wraith Walk and move away from him--he'll charge you but you'll easily outdistance him before Pillage hits. (If Pillage actually hits you despite that, use Corpse Shield and DS to survive.) When you get pinned down, either spam your macro to get your pet to clear the arrow (which will also give you Dark Succor), or use IBF if you need to immediately avoid Volley or Flanking Attack. Continue using Wraith Walk to outdistance Pillage once he's down.

For Zian, you can eat the Shield of Darkness charges with AMS/Corpse Shield/Purified Shard up, and you'll have your ring back to burst him down with. Outbreak onto the little adds gets rid of them handily.

Then Meng is trivially easy.

Worth noting that on one attempt I made, Zian never spawned--it proceeded right to Meng, bugging out the fight and eventually killing me with Maddening Shout.


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