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I keep forgetting to make this post.

ANYWAY. Floriography. Azeroth plants. LET'S DO IT

Edit: 10/10/10 -- making this sticky so I can find it. Also adding a link to the thread I had going on so I can find said thread and update this from the contents of that.
2/10/17 -- really making this sticky, updating the above link to the archive, and adding the archive link for the LoF site that I usually use for Earth plants: In the Garden.

* Pull over full list from archived thread
* Add flowers in thread replies there not originally included in the top-level list
* Add herbalism plants for Cataclysm – Legion
* Add quest & food plants
* Get meanings(!!!)
* Create table to index meanings for multiple races/groups

Adder's Tongue - You are lying.
Ancient Lichen - Enduring emotion.
Arthas' Tears - "I am totally breaking up with you, possibly because you slaughtered an entire village."; Used by the Goblin Mafia as a threat to Forsaken.
Bathran's Hair - Get well soon.
Black Lotus - ANIMAL SEX. (Thanks, Greyspell.) Base and violent lust.
Blindweed - Prosperity through unknown means; "you have missed something, something very obvious"; you have much to learn.
Bloodpetal - "Given that it's from an ambulatory plant with rudimentary intelligence it could be scorn, or telling someone that they're being used as a pawn, or being taken for a fool. It's a sort of a warning: 'Wake up, you're smarter than that.'"
Bloodspore - Devotion; cooperation; protection; I've got your back.
Bloodthistle - (archaic) nobility; often used to represent Quel'thalas herself; (modern) desperation; shame; desperate, potentially dangerous yearning. "I want you, no matter what the risks are--to both of us."
Bloodvine - Unpleasant secrets; skeletons in the closet.
Bogbean/Bogblossom - Lofty thoughts; idealism; head in the clouds.
Briarthorn - Unrequited love because one of the would-be couple is fairly odious. "You will never have me."
Bruiseweed - An end; you are not forgiven.
Constrictor Grass - Submission; desperate to be noticed.
Crimson Lotus - I will return. "The 'lol brb' flower, sent to someone who might not necessarily WANT to see you again."
Deadnettle - Lessening of affection; your words do not move me; OR cruelty; ugliness of spirit.
Dragonspine - Strength of will; "you, sir, have the balls of a drake."
Dreamfoil - (fresh) a ward against bad dreams--by extension, may you dream well; (dried) loss of hope; (dried) your dreams have been crushed
Dreaming Glory - Creativity; daydreams; joyful ambitions. A flower "for poets and poetasters alike".
Earthroot - Wisdom; strong family values. Can be a gentle rebuke, especially in response to black lotus.
Fadeleaf - "A kindly-phrased GTFO. Get lost, kid, you bother me. Possibly a reply to someone sending a desperate and pathetic bouquet of icethorn and tiger lily."
Fel Blossom - At all costs.
Fel Lotus - Loss of chastity; despoilment; ruination; tainted love.
Felweed - You've changed, and not for the better.
Firebloom - Passion that survives adversity.
Fireleaf - On the attack; aggression.
Fireseed - A spark of interest; you inflame my desires; OR a vulnerable state.
Flame Cap - Declaration of love.
Frost Lotus - Overbearing chastity or propriety; your chastity has frozen you.
Ghost Mushroom - Obscurity.
Goldclover - Friendship; industriousness.
Golden Sansam - Big and beautiful; non-traditional beauty.
Goldthorn - Prosperity.
Grave Moss - Used by the Goblin Mafia as a threat.
Gromsblood - Abandon hope all ye who enter here; do not go any further; this way lies demons; "GTFO IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY".
Icecap - Peace; quietude; OR delicacy - be careful, I've been hurt before.
Icethorn - Unrequited love.
Incendia Agave - Bad experiences; getting burned. "Skin contact with the juices in agave leaves can cause some really nasty blistering, so this might be a spiteful warning of malicious acts to come."
Hazewood - Obfuscation; can't see the forest for the trees.
Khadgar's Whisker - Cautious reflection; wisdom.
Kingsblood - Loyalty. "Rumor has it that wherever it blooms, someone who at all costs would not betray his Lord is now or was once buried." [Addendum: Or where such an one died.]
Lichbloom - Bittersweet memories of something gone sour. "I remember the good times but make no mistake, they are over."
Liferoot - Docility; tranquility. In response to heated messages, "Be cool."
Mageroyal - Gentility; good manners; chivalry.
Mana Thistle - Nobility; mastery; I admire your prowess (esp. in arcane magic).
Morrowgrain - Skulduggery, actions from the shadows. In certain circumstances, bargains; in others, temptation.
Mountain Silversage - Wisdom; enlightenment; being at one with the elements. "Among Wildhammer dwarves, it is said that when the color of your beard matches the flower, the mountain has accepted you as a sage."
Mudsnout Blossom - Prosperity ruined by malevolence. Bad things happen to bad people.
Netherbloom - Unpredictability; spontaneity; serendipity.
Nightdragon - Good intentions gone horribly awry; "I recognize your good intentions, but this path will lead to ruin."; Neltharion.
Nightmare Vine - May you never sleep well again.
Nightmare Seed - Escapism.
Peacebloom - A beginning; forgiveness.
Plaguebloom - "Plaguebloom is never sent, ever. Despite this, it's become known as the 'Suffering Guardian'. This dubious honor exists as it is sometimes planted in places to serve as a cautionary warning as it thrives in desecrated, plagued lands. To see the stuff blossoming is a deterrent, a 'here lies danger that may be unseen but for this plant' warning. To some, its ability to 'find taint' is considered a silver lining."
Purple Lotus - Chastity, eloquence.
Quillvine - Write soon.
Ragveil - Sophistry; deliberate obfuscation of facts.
Rot Blossom - Injustice.
Sanguine Hibiscus - Calm-headed, collected passion.
Serpentbloom - Coiled wisdom; waiting to see how things unfold.
Shimmering Snowcap - Grace. "Not something you'd want to send to someone, really, given that it's a cold-weather fungus. There are better ways to say it without perverting the meaning by having a pile of slimy, smelly, shriveled shrooms delivered because they died in transit."
Silverleaf - "Distrust, with the connotation of someone being too clingy or putting their nose where it doesn't belong. Back off and give me some room!"
Songflower - Overwhelming bliss.
Spineleaf - Cowardice; weakness; "grow one, you pussy."
Stranglekelp - Your words drown me; I am awash in the tears of love.
Stranglethorn - End of discussion.
Stratholme Lily - See Arthas' Tears.
Sungrass - Greetings; well wishes.
Sweetroot - Beneficence; consumed by love.
Swiftthistle - Get over yourself.
Talandra's Rose - Gratitude; thankfulness.
Terocone - Reflection; philosophy; contemplation. Alternately, "think it over".
Thornroot - Urgency; an urgent solicitation. Now or never.
Tiger Lily - Jealousy and pining.
Waterweed - Docility; everything's all right.
Wild Steelbloom - Implacability; steadfastness; immovability.
Wildvine - Spontaneity. Why the heck not?
Windblossom - Cold-hearted, callous. "A very strong statement that amounts to, 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.'"
Wintersbite - Scorn.
Witchbane - Misanthropy; not in the mood.
Wyrmtail - Grief. "The sort you feel when a loved one dies, not the sort that happens when a naked level one named Lolrpnubs crashes your event."

So post a comment with an herb/plant and its proposed meaning. WE CAN BE SUPERDORKS
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